HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 8: Molding the Modernica Fiberglass Shell Chair

Our hats are off to the talented artists at HYPEBEAST who put together this immaculate short documentary on our fiberglass molding process. We appreciate their attention to detail and the history behind the work. Enjoy:

Willie T Reveals a Deeper Look into Modernica’s Fiberglass Shell Chair Factory

Recently, we invited Los Angeles photographer and filmmaker Willie T into our Fiberglass Shell Chair factory to document his own interpretation of the work that is produced there. The result was a stunning series of photos and footage that reveals our products, process, and employees in a new light. Learn more about the Fiberglass Chair on the Modernica Website: FIBERGLASS SHELL CHAIR

Modernica Showroom

Our showroom houses an array of Bubble Lamps and Case Study products, supported by an outstanding staff who are available to consult on your design needs, including but not limited to international ordering, customization, and volume orders. Please contact our staff for assistance:


Fiberglass Shell Chair Video

How It’s Made: The Papa Bear Chair, short version

This 3-minute segment quickly summarizes the basic steps required in the painstaking creation of one of our most famous chairs: The Papa Bear Chair. Claimed by some to be the most comfortable chair ever built, this beautiful piece of Modern history was designed by Hans Wegner in 1951. Learn more about the Papa Bear Chair and Case Study Furniture on the Modernica Website: Papa Bear Series.

Modernica’s Bacci Gemini 5-Axis CNC Machine

There are some woodworking tasks that aren’t better or practical when completed by hand, and since we want you to receive your orders on time, we invested in a little state-of-the-art machinery – like this Bacci Gemini with a multispindle 5-axis cutting unit. You may like Italian cars, but we happen to enjoy Italian CNC machines. Watch this short clip of our brand new Bacci to see its work on our own Case Study ALPINE BED.

Art & Council Presents Krink painting shell chairs


A Deeper Look Inside the Modernica Fiberglass Shell Chair Factory, by Willie Toledo