Modernica is a company founded on the principles and the passion of the vibrant North American Modernism movement. This era is often said to have originated here in Los Angeles with the Case Study Program in 1945.
Modernica embraces this Modernist movement’s ethos. It is with the criterion and ideals established in this period that the myth of the quintessential California lifestyle and attitude was imagined and created.
Richard Neutra, George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Van Keppel and Green were all contemporaries during this post-war period. They all shared a vision of making design available and accessible to the masses. Modernica is a company committed to preserving this legacy.
Simple design, high-quality, high-functionality, and accessibility are the basic tenets which drive our company. It is this clear vision and commitment that has enabled Modernica to transform itself from its beginnings as a vintage store to its current position as a distinguished manufacturer and designer of Modern furniture.
Modernica Studio functions as a design collective with everyone participating and sharing in a united responsibility to the ideologies of the past, while evolving with the times and introducing new products and new ideas that hold true to Modernism’s core values.



blog_opt_3 Modernica is the only manufacturer currently that has the ability to produce the Case Study Fiberglass Shell Chairs with the production process that was intended with Charles and Ray Eames original design. Since 1999, Modernica has steadfastly produced the chairs as they were originally created, protecting this potentially lost art form and thus preserving the fiberglass chair legacy and craft.

Modernica accomplishes this goal by using the original presses and the original preform machine that were used by Zenith Plastics. The preform machine is the only such machine in existence; it was designed by Sol Fingerhut in 1960. The preform machine was added to the production process in efforts to keep up with increasing sales.

Both the presses and the preform machine are the very same pieces of equipment used to create thousands and thousands of chairs since their very first run in 1950 and now sixty years later, these seminal pieces of equipment are located at Modernica’s new Los Angeles’s factory.

blog_opt_3 Our commitment to authenticity has been a journey. Nearly 100,000 pounds of machinery and equipment had to be transported. The presses and the preform machine required to be housed in their own building. The building itself required the installation of a new foundation, electricity, gas, water, a boiler and a million other details.

We hope that you can understand that all of our efforts are based on the simple goal of preservation and to ensure the longevity of the presses for another 50 years. We at Modernica would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, your ongoing support, and especially for your appreciation and dedication to true authenticity of craft and materials.